We offer


Wedding management that will make both the newly married couple and their guests remember the funniest, nicest, and inimitable wedding throughout their lives. Memories of the wedding will always raise a smile and create a pleasant mood! P.S. In the morning of the next day, all the guests will feel as if they have known each other and been relatives for a lo-o-o-ong time J!


Management of a company’s, organisation’s and institution’s celebrations, theme parties, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and other types of events that will rally up the team and make them feel so relaxed, cosy and cheerful that no one will wish to leave the company and look for a job with another employer or product/service supplier any longer! P.S. As an integral part of the evening party, we will definitely provide activities full of funny jokes, so the company management will not implement them at work by reducing the salary or producing goods without any of the essential quality marks or components J!


We assume that after the first birthday or anniversary party spent together with us you will start to look for reasonable and frequent reasons or occasions to celebrate again and again J! You will enjoy funny activities, cosy and vivacious feelings during the celebration and long after it! Our unbelievable activities will not only entice the young generation, but also will make grandmas and grandpas jump and dance regardless of the age written in their passports J!


Do you think that the real Santa Claus arrives with a loud Ho-ho-ho, listens to poems, presents gifts, and then rushes off to the Snow Maiden or other children? No, the real Santa Claus always invites everyone to participate in funny games, activities, tells jokes to moms, dads, grandpas and grandmas, dances and makes good cheer with all participants of the Christmas celebration!

Christmas celebration includes not only the services of Santa Claus (P.S. the real Santa Claus! J), but also evening event management, which includes – whether it is a private, corporate or large-scale party – celebrating Christmas with funny activities, tasteful humour, loud laughter, and perhaps sensitive abdominal muscles because of laughing!


Do you think that the only amusing moments in sports games are odd chants, waist-deep fall of a football referee in a pit on the field or a pothole in the racetrack left by a kettlebell? No, sports games can also be enjoyed as the Funny Events: we hold and organise unusual sporting events full of humour, funny performances, laughter and physical activities that are no less sports-oriented than traditional games!


Theme parties, concerts, amateur parties, festivals – everything where the number of participants exceeds “a lot”! Taking into consideration the organisers’ wishes, we will provide the humour dosage according to the situation, as well as adapt to the circumstances and different conditions; at the same time, we will manage the event in a way so that all guests, regardless of the fact that there is “more than a lot” of them, would be involved in the activities, which will allow them to laugh heartily and feel joyful, entertained and rested!


The Funny Events also imply management of professional business events: a variety of presentations, conferences, marketing events, meetings, seminars, etc. In such cases, humour is used for relief adapted according to each event’s peculiarities.